Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro Ultimate Serial Key Full Version

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Now Let’s get started.

Today I’m going to share with you the Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro Ultimate Serial Key Full. But before anything else, let me explain first the use of the Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro Ultimate Serial Key Full.

Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro Ultimate Serial Key Full is a software possessing a secure optimization and cleaning features. Internet capacity, computer system itself and registry can experience a boost that makes your computer processing on top performance. In just a single click, a lot of problems are fixed without the need for troubleshoots. In just one click, your computer is optimized and cleaned in a very short time.

Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro does not only clean and optimize. It also detects and eliminates malwares, adwares and spywares. Because of this, Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro Ultimate Serial Key Full has been trusted by hundreds of millions of users around the world!

Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro Ultimate Serial Key Full Version
Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro Ultimate Serial Key Full Version

Key Features of Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro Ultimate Serial Key Full:

This software protects you from different security threats that are commonly found and easily acquired like malware, viruses, worms and trojans by proactively blocking these threats when you download and share files. You don’t have to worry about surfing and searching the web because you can already do that safely with this software. Aside from that, you can also be assured that your system will not slow down.

Aside from protecting your computer from threats, Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro provides you with the best optimization tools to tune up, clean up and speed up your PC for a maximum performance experience. It has more than 20 tools for your PC maintenance. It can boost your internet speed up to 300%. It can clean deep windows registry as well.

Advance SystemCare 8 Pro is an optimization software for your personal computers that offers a one-stop solution to detection, cleaning, repairing, speeding up and of course protecting your PC. You really should have this super safe tool without the fear of adware, viruses or spyware just because I offer you this absolutely FREE.

Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro provides the utmost care for your personal computer. There is this monitor called NEW PERFORMANCE MONITOR that helps release memory in just a click to make your PC running smoothly in just a few seconds! Effective and really efficient tools come in handy on the toolbox including a new start-up manager, the best solution to speeding up the start-up time. With this software, you are 100% guaranteed for an error-free PC.

How To Install and Activate

Download From:


Deactivate your internet when you install it.

You have to begin with the cracked file which you can obtain from my Mega storage.  After download, extract, head to the ASC installation path. If you created a cutoff on Desktop, you’ll be able to simply navigate to the folder by right-clicking the cutoff and click on Open file location (or similar). If you don’t have any cutoff on Desktop, follow successive path (this is that the default installation path).

C:Program FilesIObitAdvanced SystemCare 8

Go to the file OFCommon.dll and change it to OFCommon.dll.BAK


2B822-8238F-9828C-27594 (1 year)

6F1AA-99D96-B9E1F-6FA94 (6 months)

3AB4A-7A3C6-B4845-9BFB4 (6 months)

F82F9-A9933-15633-2F994 (6 months)

So download now and start enjoy a smoother running PC and if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll keep in touch asap. 🙂


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